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Alec Trachtenberg Reveals Best Sales Practices in His New Book to Help Independent Filmmakers – IT Business Net

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 5, 2020 / “Sales isn’t only a type of profession. It’s also a way of life,” says Alec Trachtenberg, a sales expert with a decade-long experience under his belt. Having worked in sales at a variety of companies, he now uses his knowledge and profound expertise in business development to benefit independent filmmakers in his new book Lights, Camera, Sell: Sales Techniques for Independent Filmmakers.

Lights, Camera, Sell: Sales Techniques for Independent Filmmakers walks readers through a five-stage sales process and connects it to filmmaking through a series of case studies. Alec Trachtenberg also provides straightforward techniques that are essential for filmmakers in selling themselves, their services, and their projects. Throughout the book, Alec teaches filmmakers how to prospect a screenwriter and option a feature-length screenplay. He also reveals how to lead a discovery call with a prospective domestic distributor, demonstrate value with a powerful pitch deck to a financier, close a deal with a non-union actor by creating an initial talent agreement outline, and resolve conflicts with crew members. Not only are his ideas pragmatic and applicable, but the book is also a treasure trove of other valuable teachings that readers can apply in other ventures.

“I have read plenty of how-to books on independent film producing. However, I have found that none of these books personally supplies the necessary sales techniques a filmmaker must use to their benefit,” says Alec.

Alec Trachtenberg is an independent film producer and the CEO and founder of Coast ART Productions. But before exploring his talent in the film industry, he has lived a decade of his life as a seasoned sales professional generating revenue for a wide range of companies in the technology, entertainment, and digital marketing industries. Throughout the years, he has gained his clients’ trust when it comes to solving their business problems.

Besides his love for sales, Alec Trachtenberg is also passionate about filmmaking. “I have always been captivated by all things Hollywood, and I knew at an early age that I wanted to produce films.” He produced his first feature film, The Cabin (2018) in Sweden. After casting actors and from Los Angeles and flying them to Sweden, he and his co-producer eventually signed a distribution deal with High Octane Pictures. The film is available on digital streaming platforms such as Tubi, Google Play, Amazon, and more.

During his overseas filmmaking venture, it dawned upon him that he was naturally and effortlessly using sales techniques to make strategic decisions and bring his visions to life. Equipped with years of experience in sales on the one hand and a strong passion for filmmaking on the other, Alec Trachtenberg took a step in combining the two and came up with the idea for his book. “I decided to take my experience and knowledge of sales that I have acquired working in the technology, digital marketing, and entertainment space and help other independent filmmakers in utilizing sales techniques for their benefit.”

In the future, Alec Trachtenberg hopes to produce more films under his company while consulting individuals and companies on their sales process. “I plan on helping others realize their full potential through speaking engagements, conferences, and other networking events. I also plan on writing more books on sales techniques and marketing strategies that will help artists and entrepreneurs,” says Alec.

The film industry is a highly competitive playing field. There are many filmmakers all screaming for the attention of audiences, producers, distributors, and clients. According to Alec Trachtenberg, adapting a sales mindset as a filmmaker is crucial to becoming a successful film professional. Overall, he hopes to inspire others to adopt and embrace a “sales mindset,” as this becomes even more essential with the onset of the COVID19 pandemic today. In the end, sales and marketing are truly a lifestyle, and Alec Trachtenberg supports this claim with his statement that “Every single day, you are selling yourself, your ideas, and your beliefs in some capacity.”

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