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Juggling It All Mom

Sara LaFountain, Virginia USA

I am a mom to four boys ages 12 to 21 and one daughter age 8 and wife to Dan, a chief marketing officer at SpeakAgent. I’m also the primary caregiver for our family. I graduated from Boston University and earned a Bachelor’s and Masters degree in Education. I have worked as a live-in Nanny, Kindergarten teacher and a preschool teacher. In 2010 I started my blog Cookwith5kids. I review new products in technology, kids toys, apps, board games and video games, healthy foods, and everything you need in the kitchen. I enjoy technology, photography, cooking, traveling, and cars.


Children learn more from what you are than what you teach. –W.E.B. DuBois
What I do well as a mom.

I do a good job of making myself available for my kids. Having five kids of various ages means that each of them is at a different stage and has different needs. No matter the time of day if one of my kids needs I drop whatever I am doing to attend to their needs. I’m also good at being patient with my kids. My mom friends comment on how patient I am.

What I learned from another mom.

Every mom cannot be good at everything. Each Mom has her strengths and weaknesses. Help each other by reaching out to other moms who might be struggling and help them out.

Lesson learned from my child.

To always ask for help when necessary. My kids are so much better than me at so many things, and I never hesitate to ask for their help and expertise. I feel I am never too old to learn from my kids!

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Successful motherhood moment.

My second oldest son has been quite sick with an auto-immune illness for the past five years. He has struggled to finish middle school and high school. It took lots of positive reinforcement and compassion to help him make it through these tough school years. I was so proud and excited when he said he wanted to go to college.

Mom I admire.

My Mom, Karen. I admire how she balanced being firm and compassionate. I also admire the way she managed the household, her perseverance and the way she held

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This post was previously published in Amazing Moms coffee table book and is reprinted with permission of the author.

Photo courtesy Unsplash.

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