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Amelia’s Notebook’s Marissa Moss Creates New STEM Graphic Novels – Bleeding Cool News

Marissa Moss of the Amelia’s Notebook series, where she helped pioneer the diary hybrid graphic novel format, has a STEM-friendly two-book series of illustrated hybrid graphic novels. The first book is tentatively titled Make It Count, and will follow a math-loving middle schooler who finds that being the only girl on the mathletes team brings strain on her relationship with a childhood friend. She writes on Twitter, “Wahoo! Writing and drawing this series is a lot of fun! I’m using the math part of my brain after a long hiatus from my own mathlete days.”

Make It Count was picked up Susan Van Metre at Walker Books US and will be published in the Spring of 2022. Marissa Moss’ agent Liza Fleissig at Liza Royce Agency negotiated the deal.

Amelia’s Notebooks are a series of children’s books written and illustrated by Marissa Moss, targeted at children between 9 and 12. Presented as a series of notebooks and journals written by the character Amelia, she writes about her life, thoughts, and memories and are illustrated and designed to resemble actual journals. Amelia is a character that many young people identify with. She has problems that many kids face like gossip, moving or crushes. From 1995 to 2015, Moss wrote and drew over thirty books in the series, following Amelia through the school years, and inspired the likes of the Diary Of A Wimpy-Kid books.

Her young adult novel, A Soldier’s Secret: the Incredible True Story of Sarah Emma Edmonds, a Civil War Hero, won the California Silver Book Award. Barbed Wire Baseball, a picture book biography won the California Book Award, Gold medal and was named an ALA Notable Book and a Notable Book for Social Studies this year. Her first adult book, Last Things: a Graphic Memoir of Loss and Love, won the Cowan Award.

In 2013, Moss founded Creston Books, starting the small children’s press with a kickstarter campaign. Dedicated to strong storytelling, the creator-centered house hopes to give debut and established authors a bigger role in their books, from design to marketing.

Marissa Moss has also written several historical journals, also in diary format. These include Rose’s Journal: The Story of a Girl in the Great Depression, Rachel’s Journal: The Story of a Pioneer Girl, Emma’s Journal: The Story of a Colonial Girl, Hannah’s Journal: The Story of an Immigrant Girl, and Galen: My Life in Imperial Rome…