Book Review — Innocence Denied – Alabama Baptist

March 9, 2019

Mike Garrett. Castle Rock, CO: Crosslink Publishing, 2018. 232 pp. (Paperback).

A man hires a killer to murder his wife but ends up dead himself. The innocent wife is charged with his murder. Not necessarily my favorite kind of storyline, but it took about half a page for this book to pull me in and my attention never flagged. Although this is only Mike Garrett’s second novel (and his first Christian novel), it is clear he knows how to write a story. 

The plot is fascinating and believable, and though complex it is easy to follow. The pace is fast enough to keep me on the edge of my seat. The writing is clear and engaging, the characters are realistic and the message subtle but clear. Think John Grisham but with a more pronounced Christian message like Terri Blackstock. The book doesn’t easily fit into a genre; according to Garrett, “It’s a love story but not a romance; it has elements of suspense but isn’t a suspense novel.” Well, whatever it is, it’s a great read.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Martine Bates Fairbanks, Ed.D., reviews books and movies for The Alabama Baptist. She is a university professor and retired principal. She is a member of Central Baptist Church, Decatur.

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