Bromley man writes book called ‘The Real Man’s Guide to Divorce – News Shopper

By Liam McInerney Reporter – Bromley & Lewisham

James with his young children

From finally letting go to plucking up the courage to date again, a Bromley man believes he has the answers on how to get a divorce that’s best for everyone.

James Brien, 47, endured his own divorce, and is now offering advice to other men on how to efficiently get through the process.

He has lived in Shortlands for over a decade and works in international development.

The new author has always wanted to write a book, and at the end of last year he started to pen The Real Man’s Guide to Divorce.

What is a real man?

“For me it’s a man who takes responsibility and is accountable for his actions,” James told News Shopper.

“The point of the book is to reduce conflict and I feel it’s fair and balanced. A real man will do the right thing for his children, himself and for his ex-partner.”

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James sees his children often and speaks daily to his ex-wife, who he now describes as a friend.

It was on Valentine’s Day when James sprang the news to her regarding his new book.

Despite the odd timing, James said his former partner has been nothing but supportive.

He explained that the separation book was written as a guide for men because of a lack of resources available to them.

His words offers skills on effective communication, conflict resolution and ways to secure regular access to children while keeping legal costs as low as possible.

James also offered information on how to file for divorce and how to reach a financial settlement.

The final chapter offers tips on returning to the dating world.

James added: “The idea is to pick up a book and be able to see the end game. You can feel very lonely, isolated and low and guys don’t tend to talk to each other.

“This offers some practical advice and also I hope it inspires, gives hope and shows that although it might be grim right now it will get better.”

The book was published on June 15 and can be bought from Amazon here

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