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How brands are keeping their strategies alive amid global uncertainty – Marketing Week

Strategy might seem like a luxury in the midst of an economic struggle like Covid-19, but thinking long term while pivoting in the short term could be a marketer’s best chance of success. 


Covid-19 has thrown even the best-laid plans up in the air. Amid the uncertainty of lockdowns, restrictions and now recession, it can be difficult for marketers to keep an eye on the long-term strategy when day-to-day pressures soak up all their time and energy.

However, having a clear mission can provide a much-needed road map to navigate even the most challenging times.

Companies do not want a strategy they can turn away from, says director of brand and marketing at Ovo Energy, Sarah Booth. Formerly strategy director at BBH London and lead brand strategist at Asos, Booth is fascinated by the difference between strategy and tactics.

“The strategy shouldn’t move. It should be based on truths about people and you as a business, the direction you want to go in and an end point you want to get to,” she explains.

Booth cites the concept of ‘commander’s intent’ as discussed in the book Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Chip and Dan Heath. In the book, the authors explain that some armies are more successful than others because they communicate the commander’s intent. These squadrons understand not only their primary mission, but also the overall goal.

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