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How Quantzig Helps Steel Manufacturers To Enhance Their Market Reach and Strengthen Competitiveness Using Marketing Mix Strategies – ACROFAN USA

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Advancedanalytics–Quantzig, global data analytics and advisory firm that delivers actionable analytics solutions, today announced the completion of its latest success story – .

This success story highlights the transformative nature of advanced analytics in the steel manufacturing sector. It explains how Quantzig’s analytics experts helped a steel manufacturer to devise an adequate marketing mix strategy that helped the client to enhance market position.

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Owing to the ongoing transformational shifts, steel manufacturers are now focusing on improving infrastructures to meet the rising demand. The constant price fluctuations of raw materials have also put significant pressure on steel manufacturers to look for better ways to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Thus, steel manufacturers are investing a considerable amount of capital into R&D and marketing for differentiating their products from other players in the market. The key to success, however, lies in determining the perfect balance of marketing mix elements, which ultimately results in addressing customer demands while achieving business goals.

According to Quantzig’s marketing analytics experts, “Discovering the secrets hidden in data is the crucial factor that aids the development of future marketing mix strategies, which can help businesses gain a font-liner advantage.”

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Challenges Faced by Steel Manufacturing Companies

End-product quality issues: Product quality issues can negatively impact sales; hence its crucial o ensure optimum quality of end-products. To make their products well accepted in the market, steel manufacturers need to be aware of the market needs. A robust marketing mix strategy can help tackle this challenge by offering detailed insights on the market requirements and the competitive landscape.

Inaccurate pricing strategies: Another major challenge faced by steel manufacturers revolves around the inaccuracy of prices. A marketing mix strategy can help strike a fair balance on product prices for both parties to ensure their business’ permanence in the market.

Capacity management: To meet the growing demands and cater to the market requirements, steel manufacturers must ensure adequate capacity management. The inability to do so, can curtail their market expansion efforts and lead to a depreciation in market value.

How Quantzig’s Marketing Mix Solutions Help Steel Manufacturers

Quantzig’s team of 550+ analytics experts worked parallel with clients to help them re-engineer their data validation, workflow automation, and capacity management processes. The customized solutions enable businesses to set up a process to identify and investigate anomalous and activities that previously went unnoticed. By analyzing the industry challenges and the requirements of the clients, the experts at Quantzig develop suitable marketing mix strategies that revolve around the 4Ps of marketing – product, price, place, and promotion. Quantzig’s recent engagement serves as a classic example of how businesses can benefit by deploying a marketing mix strategy:

Quantzig’s marketing analytics solutions also help clients to gain essential insights into sales, market share, and marketing ROI, thereby helping them to devise an adequate strategy to address the requirements of their consumers. This, in turn, can help uncover alternatives in the market space and decide the prices for their products. Additionally, with the help of a marketing mix strategy, businesses can strengthen their market position and improve their overall marketing effectiveness by 50-70%.

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