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Whether you’re inviting people to your program, mastermind, coaching program, or five-day challenge, there isn’t a business owner out there who hasn’t stared hopelessly at a blinking cursor and faced a “What do I write?” email moment.

Jenn Mayers, a conversion copywriter and marketing expert who has helped her clients generate more than $14 million in sales, has spent years teaching entrepreneurs how to overcome writer’s block so that they can craft consistent content with a unique and persuasive voice in just 8 minutes. 

When she first unveiled her 8-Minute Email process at a high-end business mastermind, attendees who used it that weekend not only immediately began booking calls, but also began generating tens of thousands of dollars in sales. One of the participants used her 8-Minute Email to book potential client calls resulting in $60,000 in new clients. (That’s more than the average US annual salary! With one email.) 

I asked Jenn to reveal just how to create a persuasive email that converts. Here are her three tips.

Step 1: Give Yourself Somewhere To Aim

Pull up a blank doc and at the top of the page type out the action you want your reader to take as a result of your email. This is known as your CTA, or Call To Action.

It could be:

• CTA: Register for my upcoming webinar “3 Proven Ways To Teach An Old Dog New Tricks”

• CTA: Head to the sales page to join “Inner Beauty School”

• CTA: Go listen to today’s podcast on how to be resilient during tumultuous times.

“Why do we do this?” asks Mayers. “In the words of Yogi Berra, ‘If you don’t know where you’re going, you might wind up someplace else.’ You want to make sure you know exactly what action you want your readers to take.”

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Step 2: Visualize Being With Your Dream Client In A Crowded Cafe

“What do 23-time gold medalist Michael Phelps, Spanx CEO Sarah Blakely, and comedian Jim Carry have in common? They harness the power of visualization. Writing is no exception,” says Mayers.

“Imagine meeting up with a real client you’d like to work with. Someone you’d love to see taking you up on your call to action. You’re at your favorite coffee shop. It’s crowded. You stand in line longer than you’d like to order your drink before sitting across from each other at a small table. You’re so grateful to be sitting across from them. You can see their face clearly, their expressions. You start talking. Getting caught up with what’s going on in their world.

“And then, with your CTA in mind, you…”

Step 3: Set Your Timer To 8-Minutes And Write

“Yes, set your timer to 8-minutes and write. Write the conversation you two are having. One to one. And remember, it’s crowded in the cafe so it’s noisy. Which means, you have to lean in to hear each other. As you let the conversation unfold naturally, you find that inviting them to your offer feels as easy as saying, “How are you?” says Mayers.

“When the timer goes off, walk away from your laptop before coming back later to edit. The beauty of this process is that it provides the focus you need to find the right words while also creating the urgency to get them all down on paper quickly—rather than spending an hour or more dragging your heels. You have a proven way to move past writing frustration, gain greater influence with your readers and get on the road to five-figure sales.”

Writing persuasive emails can be overwhelming for any entrepreneur – this method is a fool-proof way to get you out of the overwhelm and into action.

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