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 So you want to write your first book in 2019? Writing a book or becoming an author can transform your life in great ways. And the ability to impact many lives can bring a feeling of self-fulfillment and joy. But book writing is not a catwalk, and at some stage, you might think it’s easier to quit than finish.

At a stage in your writing, you will run out of ideas, your message will seem boring, and the sheer scope of the task may seem daunting. You might feel like giving up and dump the idea. But should you? Not when you know the right tips for writing a book. Think about this, what if you knew exactly where to start from, how to finish, mistakes to avoid, how to use an essay plagiarism checker, and how to avoid being overwhelmed? Wouldn’t it be an easy process? Sure it will. This article will show you a straight forward and step-by-step pattern to help you create your first book from start to finish. Continue reading to discover them.

Create a comfy space

You don’t need a sanctuary to create a good book. Remember that real writers can write anywhere. The key is finding a comfortable space that motivates you and helps to unleash your ideas in the most productive manner.

Handpick your writing tools

You mustn’t skip this process. You don’t want to interrupt the inflow of inspiration with frequent standing up to get one or two things elsewhere, do you? It’s vital to have all your tools assembled in one spot from where you can easily have access. These materials could range from a laptop, chair, desk, pen, books, journals to coffee. Yes, coffee, you will need something to soothe your nerves as you make a draft.

Simplify the process

Your manuscript will consist of several parts. At this stage, you need to forget about the 400-page book you intend writing and focus on the intricate parts. See your book as comprising of several sentences, paragraphs, and headings. While doing this, ensure you focus on the “big idea,” which is the main purpose of writing the book. This will help you to expand the idea into an outline.

Create an outline

Any book writing that begins without a clear and well-defined outline will likely end in disaster. The outline of the book should explain the structure of the book, the ideas that the author planned to use, and how it will be concluded. It is similar to that of an essay.

Successful authors are those that make time to create content. It’s easy to get caught up in the buzzing activities of each day that you forget to draft an idea for a whole month. Or even make good use of tools such as a plagiarism checker. If you schedule six hours a week, it means six hours of doing research online and writing too. Just like an essay, this requires dedication and commitment. Also, you must not forget to check for plagiarism free as you write. It will enable you to make progress and stick to your schedule. Since it’s your first book, there might be no specific deadline for it. Hence, it is paramount to establish a sacred deadline to finish.

Stay focused

Do you find yourself writing a sentence and checking your e-mail from time to time with no need? You must eliminate all forms distractions to enable you to draft a good book within the set deadline.

Gather facts

You cannot skip this step; It’s vital whether you are composing fiction or non-fiction before you note down any fact, back it with credible evidence and proof. Thus, research will enable you to do this accurately. A good way to do this is to check the internet for free essays to gather facts related to what you are drafting. Lack of proper research can lead to mistakes which can be costly for your writing project.

Draft a perfect introduction

This is where many first time authors get stuck. You need to know that no other sentence can be as important as the first one in your manuscript. Hence, the need to craft it properly. The best way to write an engaging opener is to check the work of other authors and note their style of opening. Endeavor to use the style of notable authors, while checking plagiarism in your work alongside. It will give you a perfect way to start drafting an opener that will engage any reader and compel them to read to the end.

Engage your readers

This is where your skills will be put to the test. You got the chance to make your book an interesting piece or a boring piece of writing. Adding tension to your style of writing is the secret sauce that will create the suspense a reader needs to read in anticipation while conflict will earn you your reader’s attention till the end.

Write a perfect ending

This is extremely important for all kinds of book writing. Even if it’s a self-help book or how-to, it needs to exhibit an element of drama and emotion. Don’t rush it; take your time to ensure it’s satisfying.

Learn from the pros

Endeavor to get help from an author who has been in your shoes and is already where you want to be. Ensure the person has enough experience working with publishers, agents, and editors. More so, the person should be willing to unleash his ideas to you at little or no cost.

Writing a book is not as difficult as it seems if you follow these guidelines and take the suggestions to heart. With time, you may be known as a published author, too. Alternatively, you can even become a mentor to other aspiring book writers.

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