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Authors who have exciting and thrilling events going on in their lives often have the urge to document them in books. A biography that is written by its subject is referred to as an autobiography. If you see that your life will be an exciting topic that will attract readers, you should write your autobiography. People like to be more familiar with other humans’ lives; they get engaged in the events and put themselves in the author’s shoes in every situation. Sad situations make them cry and happy ones make them smile as if it’s their life they’re reading about. Not all autobiographies are a success though; therefore, you should know how to write a catchy one that will attract your audience. Read on to get to know handy tips on how to write a successful autobiography.


Before writing an essay or an article you should start by brainstorming; jot down chaotic thoughts or whatever comes on your mind on a piece of paper. When it comes to your autobiography, you want to write remarkable incidents that happened throughout your life. Think about your childhood, school days, your first job and your first love. All of these thoughts may not make it to your final draft, but still, you want to have a broad recollection of memories to help you write an enticing piece of work.

Do Thorough Research

When you’re writing your own story, it is natural that you won’t recall everything that happened in your life, especially your childhood. That is why you need to do thorough research through your family members and friends. You want to get full details of certain incidents and how you reacted to them. You might want to incorporate some social, political and cultural details of a certain period you wish to include in your autobiography. When you’re done with your research, you can start writing your first draft. While you’re still in the beginning, you want to check how you’re going about publishing your autobiography. You can get in touch with a publishing house or you can consider self-publishing services that will save you a lot of money. You will be the one responsible for publishing your work through the internet using self-publishing platforms like Amazon’s KDP.

Turn Thoughts into Words

It is time to collect your thoughts and start writing an outline of how the story is going to be. Because this is a non-fiction story that you cannot fabricate to amuse or entertain the reader, you want to weave your story to have setting, character, plot, conflict and theme. All of which will make the reader entertained and keen to continue reading your story. The reader wants to see how the events develop and how you ended up writing this book, so you should include detailed interesting situations, turning points and deep personal feelings that will satisfy the audience’s curiosity.

Take Some Time Off

As soon as you start writing your autobiography, you can be consumed by it, which may affect the quality of your work because you’re focusing on the content. Although you will go through a proofreading phase, you still want to take a break from writing and indulge yourself in something different for a few days to clear your mind. Taking a break at this point will give you the chance to look at what you wrote with a fresh perspective.


This step is important to revise your work and look at the weakest points in your narrative. You also want to check the grammatical mistakes and correct them. This may not be the final draft of your work, but from this point onward you want to ensure the quality of your story is exceptional and note how good the narrative is. Read what you wrote as if you’re reading a book written by your favorite author and see if what you’re reading is exciting to you as a reader or not. You should put yourself in the readers’ shoes to be able to evaluate your work.

Writing your own story and introducing it to ample people to read is a tiresome yet exciting endeavor. Amusing readers is not an easy task; you should work hard on making your autobiography interesting from the beginning to the end. You want the readers to live your experiences while reading your autobiography; you want them to sympathize with you and feel all the emotions you went through. Since you’re reading this article, you probably think about writing your autobiography. Before you start doing so, you want to read the above points carefully to find out how you can go about writing it.

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