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iHeartMedia Inks ‘Agreement To Support’ Nielsen Continuous Diary Measurement In 4-Book … – All Access Music Group


iHEARTMEDIA has reached an “agreement to support” NIELSEN’s NIELSEN Media Impact and Continuous Diary Measurement product in four book markets. The deal means that NIELSEN will move forward with continuous measurement in the current 46 four-books-per-year diary markets, starting with the JULY 2019 survey.

“NIELSEN AUDIO is thrilled to be collaborating with iHEARTMEDIA on these important, forward-looking industry level initiatives,” said NIELSEN AUDIO Managing Director BRAD KELLY. “Billion dollar advertisers are telling us with absolute clarity that fresh data and cross-platform media analytics are of paramount importance. These are critical inputs which fuel the marketing mix models — the same models that guide vast marketing and ad spend budgets.”

“The advertising ecosystem is evolving quickly,” added KELLY.  “NIELSEN AUDIO and the radio industry must keep pace. The advancement of Continuous Diary Measurement in combination with NIELSEN Media Impact will allow both buyers and sellers of radio to better evaluate, react, and adapt to marketplace changes. We are confident these tools will help level the playing field and bring radio’s attribution metrics on par with other media.”

“Marketing Mix Models need fresh data to get a full understanding of how radio drives sales results and Continuous Diary Measurement enables better attribution with more current data in the larger diary markets,” said iHEARTMEDIA Markets Group Pres. GREG ASHLOCK. “We also look forward to using NIELSEN Media Impact to show clients how iHEARTMEDIA substantially improves advertising results in optimized cross media campaigns.”

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