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Improving Profitability for a Food and Beverage Company With the Help of Marketing Mix Models | Quantzig – ACROFAN USA

  • Marketing mix models helps brands to understand how various marketing activities are driving the business metrics of a product
  • Marketing mix models can be used as decision-making tools by food and beverage companies to estimate the effectiveness of their various marketing initiatives in enhancing MROI
  • Marketing mix models combined with marketing analytics can help identify the most suitable marketing channels to achieve desirable marketing outcomes in the food and beverage sector

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#FoodandBeverage–Quantzig, a leader in delivering scalable analytics solutions and data science services, today announced the completion of its engagement.

Marketers in the food and beverage industry are incorporating market mix models to substantiate their marketing budgets with quantitative evidence,” says a marketing mix models expert at Quantzig.

By leveraging marketing mix models, marketers can suggest optimal spend levels in highly effective marketing channels. which helps in avoiding saturation. to know about other benefits of marketing mix models.

Marketing mix models can help businesses to differentiate between contributions from marketing and promotional activities versus other factors. The other factors mainly include TV ads, print ads and outdoor ads. Changing needs and preferences of customers coupled with technological advancements are now a major challenge for players in the food and beverage industry. Thus, it’s crucial for food and beverage companies to implement new market mix models to gain real-time insights on consumer behavior to stay on top of the curve. Read the complete article for comprehensive insights:

Marketing Mix Modeling Engagement Summary

The client- a leading food and beverage manufacturer approached Quantzig looking to leverage its marketing analytics expertise to develop and implement new marketing mix models to boost sales and improve customer loyalty. Quantzig’s marketing mix experts identified different data sources such as sales data, marketing expenses, miscellaneous marketing expenses, other competitor’s sales to collect data and merged these data into a standard format. The team analyzed the current data to arrive at an acceptably accurate analysis for deriving tailor-made market mix models.

Marketing mix models can be used to quantify the impact of marketing activities on key business operations. to learn how marketing mix modeling can help your business.

Value Delivered

  • Analyzed ROI from different marketing campaigns
  • Gained visibility around various factors that were responsible for changing customer behavior
  • Calculated cost per point metrics for each media type

We offer cutting-edge marketing analytics solutions to help food and beverage organizations improve commercial success using real-world insights and business scenario simulators. Collaborating with us can help you make the most of the data by applying advanced data modeling techniques and solutions designed and custom-built to suit your needs. to learn more about our proprietary analytics platforms and marketing analytics capabilities.

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