LKP lands green living guide – The Bookseller

Laurence King Publishing (LKP) has signed How to Save the World for Free, by environmental campaigner Natalie Fee.

The book, which will publish on 21st October 2019, is a “hopeful guide to how we can make small lifestyle changes which will contribute to saving our planet”. Announcing the deal on World Environment Day, LKP commissioning editor Zara Larcombe acquired worldwide all language rights from the author. 

How to Save the World for Free will feature tips from voting with climate change policies in mind, to buying bamboo toothbrushes, ditching plastic-based pads and tampons in favour of a menstrual cup and being more eco-conscious when you exercise or have sex. 
The book will also address big barriers to change, including broken political systems, capitalism and consumerism.
Fee said: “World Environment Day is a bit like the Earth’s birthday. So, I suppose this is my birthday present to the Earth – a book for people who want to do their bit, treat it better and celebrate the life it supports. And the time for that is most definitely now – never before have we faced such a rapid loss of species, and never before have we had such an opportunity to save them. Hopefully How to Save the World for Free will prove to be the party invitation no-one can turn down.”
Ten percent of all profits go to City to Sea, a non-profit organisation running campaigns to prevent marine plastic pollution at source. The book will be printed on FSC-certified paper, using nontoxic vegetable-based inks.

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