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Local digital author Bruno Stella (43) from Benoni AH has a talent for writing from the tender age of 12.

His first book, The Man from the Tower, was first published in 2012 and since then the fantasy genre author has written Three for the Road and The Martin Chalk series and has featured on the international platform Reddit.


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“All the books I publish are online,” explained Bruno.

“It is unrealistic to think you can exist in isolation as a writer because a lot of material around you seeps into your mind at some point or the other.

According to Bruno writing and developing your writing is a continuous process and the learning never stops.

“I look back at stories I wrote when I was 16 and think of all the clichés I added in,” said a chuckling Bruno.

“Self-help books on how to write help to enhance skills needed to write books.”

Having published books on platforms such as Amazon, Reddit and Smashwords, Bruno explained that self-publishing books entails a lot of hard work and effort which includes:

  • Assess the quality of your own work
  • Edit the book to check for mistakes
  • Design the cover of the online book
  • Market the book
  • Network to better establish your name in the industry

Despite his passion for books and studying fine arts for three years, Bruno said the reading industry in the country is complex and a regular day job with writing as a hobby is advisable.

“Always have a backup plan.

“Writing is more of a hobby than a profession.”

When asked about the characters he prefers writing about, Bruno indicated that he appeals to his readers by making the main character in his stories as relatable and realistic as possible.

“I think it’s important that the reader is able to identify with the character.

“For example, the hero in a story can be super smart but not as physically imposing and still be able to overcome challenges.”

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