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Mark Levin’s press-bashing book No. 1 — 3 days before its release – Washington Examiner

It won’t be available until Tuesday, but conservative radio and TV host Mark Levin’s new book condemning the liberal media as an “army of bashers” is already Amazon’s top seller, knocking off shock jock Howard Stern’s biography.

Mark Levin’s latest book is published by Threshold Editions.

Today’s Amazon Best Sellers shows “Unfreedom of the Press” in the top slot, a remarkable achievement for Levin and a tribute to his on-air and social media marketing.

Unlike his past books about government and liberty, Levin’s latest is a deep dive into the liberal media where he unveils admissions from prominent reporters and media figures that they have shifted from favoring Democrats to promoting a progressive agenda.

“The party-press is back, and with a vengeance,” he wrote in the book, a copy of which was provided to Secrets in advance of the May 21 release.

“News outlets are overwhelming supportive of the Democratic Party and hostile to the Republican Party — particularly conservatives — and, these days, virulently antagonistic to President Donald Trump, his supporters, and his policies,” he added.

In an interview, he called on the country to debate the future of the media, which he said has become so biased that it is undercutting its credibility and constitutional freedoms.

Publisher Threshold put this sticker in our review copy of Unfreedom of the Press.

“We have to have a national discussion about this, not with the media, but among ourselves like our founders did, in our homes, our restaurants, in our churches, in our civic groups, at a grassroots level, about what we’re going to do about it, because if we don’t have a free press we cannot sustain our republic,” he told Secrets.

Howard Stern Comes Again was No. 1 on Amazon until Levin took him down. Levin’s book also is ahead of the Washington Post’s book on the Mueller report, the Game of Thrones series and Michelle Obama’s book.

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