Model-turned-millionaire Pippa O’Connor Ormond to publish guide to success as she reveals she wants to ’ – The Irish Sun

The social media star, who lives with her hubby and kids in a luxury mansion in Kildare, will release Live Your Best Life, which reveals how she set up her booming clothing and beauty empire.


Pippa wants to share her business tips with her fansCredit: Anthony Woods


Pippa and her hubby Brian OrmondCredit: TV3

Pippa — who has previously written about her beauty and lifestyle tips — told how she hopes the book will inspire others to follow their dreams.

She said: “My aim with this book is empower like-minded people. We all just need some encouragement and our confidence boosted at times. I know I do!

“I’ve given an honest insight into how I set my business up.

“How we now run several businesses while managing teams and delegating — something I had to learn to do.

“I’m not an expert, and some days I feel like quitting the lot. I’ve just shared my thoughts and experiences as best I can in the hope it will help, inspire or give a little boost to keep going.”

Pippa was just 20 when she began modelling, after previously competing in the Miss Ireland contest as Miss Kildare.

The beauty married hubby Brian Ormond in 2011.

But while pregnant with her eldest son Ollie, six, Pippa revealed how her modelling work began to dry up so she started blogging about clothing and beauty.

Since then, Pippa’s online presence has grown and she now has an Instagram audience of some 360,000 followers.

The mother-of-two soon began doing Fashion Factories — ticketed events for fans — before launching POCO (Pippa O’Connor Ormond) jeans in 2016.

In the first 16 months, Pippa sold 50,000 pairs of the denims and she’s had pop-up shops in Kildare Village and Dundrum Town Centre.

Accounts filed recently revealed Pippa and Brian’s fashion firm Ronnoco Collection Ltd had pre-tax profits of €1.3million recorded in the firm’s first 15 months in business.

These profits fell to €184,985 last year as the brand expanded its workforce from six to 19 and the couple increased their joint pay from €106,139 to €391,385.

But Pippa told how her business was born out of fear her modelling career was over and she had a child to provide for.

She said of her blog’s beginnings: “I hated that feeling of not knowing what was next. I felt I had no control.

“My friend said I should set up a blog. She helped me set it up and I would post really crappy pictures.

“Things just grew and grew, slowly but organically at the same time.”

And she told how she believes that for a business to succeed, you need to be passionate and have real belief in it.

She said: “I do think a lot comes down to timing.

“Timing and having a few people help you on your way. You have to start something with passion.

“You can’t start for the wrong reasons. People aren’t stupid, they see through things.”


Pippa hopes to inspire others to follow their dreamsCredit: Jason Clarke


Pippa said her modelling work began to dry up after she had kids which prompted her to start bloggingCredit: First Option PR


Pippa’s book The Pippa Guide: Live Your Best Life

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