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All zodiac signs rule a body part, and Leo’s is the heart—which is something you take very seriously despite some astrologers stereotyping you a “cold.” Passion, creativity, and loyalty are very important topics to Capricorns, which may be why you can feel so sensitive this time of year. It’s time to let go of any relationships or responsibilities that don’t feel right in your heart, and open yourself up to change!

Luckily, Uranus, the planet of innovation and surprise, has your back on your transformational journey this month. Uranus is currently in fellow earth sign Taurus, and on August 2, it will clash with sweet Venus in glamorous Leo, propelling you to break free from any situation that doesn’t live up to your values or feed your desires. A big shake-up will likely arrive in your love life, and you might decide to end a relationship (you’re craving freedom this month) or get to know someone on an even deeper level…or maybe both! So many new and unexpected people and circumstances may enter your life this month, dear sea goat.

  • When it’s time to let go of relationships or responsibilities that don’t feel right in your heart, try lighting a candle that includes rosemary to clear unwanted energy.
  • If you find yourself evaluating a situation that doesn’t feed your desires in your love life, try reading this book to figure out what you really want.

The sun and Venus in Leo make a harmonious connection with lucky Jupiter on August 7 and 8 respectively, creating a wonderfully healing energy. Capricorns are not known for showing their emotions, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have them! Early this month, astrological alignments find you processing intense feelings and connecting with people on a deep level. This is a powerful time to connect with your inner voice and subconscious. Things are growing in your relationships as you and your partners share secrets. But endings are also taking place—and you feel ready for the change that’s on the horizon.

Jupiter ends its retrograde in Sagittarius, Mercury enters fiery Leo, and Uranus begins its retrograde on August 11, bringing a big energy shift: You might find yourself exhausted or having very active dreams! Conversations concerning money—especially tricky topics like debts, taxes, inheritances, and shared resources—are coming up, and there may be surprises in your creative pursuits, love life, and social life. A new cycle in these complicated financial and relational matters arrives as the sun meets Venus in Leo on August 14.

  • Try some meditation to start connecting with your inner voice and subconscious.
  • Don’t forget to journal after your active dreams. It may give you clarity on the inner-workings of your mind.

Money continues to be a big theme this month as the full moon in Aquarius on August 15 finds you taking stock of your resources—not just cash, but also time and energy. This is a powerful time to forgive or pay off a debt. Issues concerning control and security in your relationships also come up for your examination. Surprising information finds you seeing things in a new way on August 16 as communication planet Mercury in Leo squares off with Uranus. An unexpected discussion about intimacy or creativity may come up, and helping you reconsider your values—perhaps you’ll be able to let go of something more easily than you expected after this full moon.

Virgo season officially begins on August 23 but you’ll feel its earthy vibes early as warrior planet Mars enters Virgo on August 18 and sexy Venus follows suit on August 21! Leo season was heavy, passionate, and emotional, but Virgo season finds you busy traveling, sharing ideas, and studying topics you’re excited about. Mars in Virgo finds you energized to embark on a new adventure, and you may even push a project forward to publish or present to the world. Venus in Virgo brings good news from faraway places, and more exciting conversations take place as Mercury connects with Jupiter on August 21—however, watch out for exaggerations and make space for quiet reflection since this is a powerful time for inner work or spiritual pursuits! Venus and Mars meet on August 24, marking the beginning of a new cycle in your social life, especially at school, abroad, or within your spiritual circles.

  • If the full moon in Aquarius has led you to end a relationship, try this witch’s guide to cord cutting to help you heal and move on.
  • As money continues to be a big theme this month, try these tips on all the small, but impactful, financial changes you can make.
  • Feeling in the mood for travel? Let adventure lead the way with an interesting experience you haven’t tried before.

Venus, Mars, and the sun make a harmonious connection with Uranus on August 24, 26, and 29 respectively, bringing a big burst of fun and excitement—this is a brilliant time for romance, creativity, and adventure! You’re taking major risks, and it feels freeing! Mercury enters Virgo on August 29, bringing even more movement and communication your way. A travel itinerary will be hammered out, and big news you want to share with the world will be discussed and planned. The new moon in Virgo arrives on August 30, bringing a wonderful fresh start with it—the month opened on such a heavy and emotional note, but by the end of the month, a fun, open, and freeing atmosphere will descend. New moons are new beginnings, and this one is all about exploring the world and expanding your consciousness. Good luck this month, Capricorn, and see you in September!

  • As the new moon in your sign creates space for you to meditate, it might be time to try carving out some physical space for your quiet time
  • Usher in new beginnings for the next lunar cycle with these bath teas created for each moon phase.

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