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My Book — If You Want to Get Rich, Build a Power Niche — Has Finally Been Published! – Above the Law

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My book, If You Want to Get Rich, Build a Power Niche, is now live and you can buy it on Amazon, Morgan James Publishing, or your local bookstore!

I could make this a long article, but instead I will just say the following:

I have worked myself super hard for about 11 years in marketing.  It has been my job, my hobby, my love, and my passion.

I started with little — almost no – success, and over time turned myself into a very successful rainmaker.

I beat myself up when I failed — and I celebrated when I succeeded — but most importantly I approached things analytically to assess (with brutal honesty to myself) what was working and what wasn’t.

Along the way, I read every single book I could find on marketing.  I read the insights of people much smarter and more creative than me, and when they had great ideas I put them into the book (with appropriate attribution, of course).  So my book not only puts forth the things that I learned, it also contains a compendium of the thinking of everyone else I could find.  Among other things, my book contains a suggested reading list for true students of the marketing game.

Finally, my book is not a “how to” book like most of them are, where someone (often an academic in a so-called ivory tower) has a thesis and tries to prove that it “should” work.  Instead, every single thing in my book has been tested — the hard way — empirically.  I don’t tell you what should work; instead, I tell you what has actually worked and actually failed.

This calls to mind that famous Yogi Berra saying:  “In theory there is no difference between theory and practice — in practice there is….”

Every single thing I learned along the way is in my book.  I have held nothing back.

I know this article is self-aggrandizing and I apologize for how I sound; however, I do pour my heart out in my book as a (final) gift to you, my readers.  And I sincerely hope it helps you succeed in your careers.

Finally, this will be my last Above the Law article.  I have really enjoyed writing for Above the Law for the past few years — and have written over 100 articles — and I hope I have made a useful contribution.

I wish everyone the greatest success.

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Bruce Stachenfeld is the Chairman of Duval & Stachenfeld LLP, which is an approximately 50-lawyer law firm based in midtown Manhattan. The firm is known as “The Pure Play in Real Estate Law” because all of its practice areas are focused around real estate. With over 50 full-time real estate lawyers, the firm is one of the largest real estate law practices in New York City. Bruce is also an author, thought leader, and public speaker, and you can contact him and learn about his new book, “If You Want to Get Rich, Build a Power Niche” at

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