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MIDLAND, Texas, May 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — As many women do, Diann Pass took care of her husband during the long illness that led to his death. Yet Pass was no ordinary widow. As a chaplain serving the emotional and spiritual needs of people going through traumatic events, even Pass was rattled when her wonderful husband John—to whom she had been married nearly 30 years—lost his battle with emphysema. When he died, he took with him the future life they had planned.

As she grieved, she read 25 books on recovering from loss only to discover that there was a lack of practical information available to widows and widowers about how to resume a hopeful yet different life. So she decided to write a book that would fill that void. The result is Rediscover Your Life After Loss.

In the book’s introduction Pass explained her purpose: “The goal is to survive the pain and use it to make the next season of your life richer – and to extend a hand to others who will inevitably walk this path in due time.”

Pass says there are many things men and women can do to emerge from the fog of grief, which can make even the smallest decisions difficult. Among her suggestions are taking up a new hobby or spending time on an existing one that a deceased spouse was not a part of; in her case, she chose photography. Also, volunteering to help others can give people new meaning to their lives. Possibilities include delivering meals to the sick and elderly or offering to babysit a mother who needs some time alone to do errands or unwind. Moreover, spending time in nature and devoting time to rediscover who they are as individuals and where their strengths and gifts lay can also help people dream a new dream and see the world through new eyes.
In an interview, Pass can talk about:

  • What she learned as a chaplain facing her own husband’s death
  • Things you should never say to someone who is grieving
  • Why so many survivors feel like they are losing their mind
  • Why some people get stuck in their grief
  • Tips for caregivers, a topic developed in an entire section of the book

Praise for Rediscover Your Life After Loss
“A must-read guide. Diann Pass offers real solutions and guidance as she shares her sacred journey of grief recovery and emotional healing. [It provides the] pure essence of the reality every one of us will ultimately experience.” — Jacque Burklow RN, BSN, CHPCA, chief operating officer, Hospice of Midland

“Diann has taken a subject most people do not want to talk about and dealt with it in raw and honest emotions. Some of it may not be the way you would tell your story or even believe, but that is the beauty of what she says; people approach and deal with grief in their unique way. Her style is easy to read and truly lets you look into her grieving mind – her journey.” — Hermann Eben, GR8 Solutions Group

About the Author
In addition to being a workplace chaplain, Diann Pass runs a widows’ support group. Rediscover Your Life After Loss is her second book. The first was Lessons in Living and Dying. 

Contact: Diann Pass at (432) 352-2848; ; www.rediscoverlifenow.com


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