Northern Ireland contestants sought for TV cleaning show with £1k in filthy lucre up for grabs – Belfast Telegraph

Mrs Hinch

A new TV show is to be made in Northern Ireland where young people can clean up in more ways than one.

The programme, which has been given the working title Filthy Rich, will see the occupants of two messy houses compete against each other to make their homes spick and span.

The one judged the cleanest wins £1,000.

Producers are inviting applications for filming later this summer in the greater Belfast area for the pilot episode, which has been commissioned by BBC Three and will also be shown on BBC One.

Producer Jon Riley from Fizz TV – which is co-producing the show with local company Nice One Productions – said that Filthy Rich is being made by a Belfast team.

He said: “What we’re looking for is young people who are living independently. We’re looking for funny, entertaining people who are a great laugh but they are just a bit chaotic domestically – keeping a clean house isn’t one of their priorities.

“But with some pro tips from our super duper cleaner, we will give them the tools of the trade and some expertise to sort their house and maybe their life out. They are going up against another house of similar people and the one who does the best job, will win £1,000 in cold hard cash.”

Cleaning experts have been popular on TV ever since the days of Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie’s How Clean Is Your House?

The most recent star on the scene is glamorous housewife Mrs Hinch – real name Sophie Hinchcliffe – who became an online sensation after sharing her cleaning tips on Instagram and went on to publish a book. But Jon stressed that Filthy Rich will be a very different type of show to mainstream makeover shows.

He said: “We want to show people how to get the maximum amount of impact for the minimum amount of effort. It’s life hacks and cleaning hacks. What’s the best strategy to tackle that mountain of washing up? How can you clean an oven without covering it in chemicals?

“And did you know toothpaste is the easiest way to clean your trainers? It’s transformative and fun and about people getting to grips with it who haven’t washed up for a week, people who are up for some craic.

“It’s not How Clean Is Your House, they are young people who are too busy to worry about cleaning. We want to hear from people aged 18-25 in the Belfast area and houses of three of four sharing would really be ideal. They could end up with a clean house and £1,000 to spend on whatever they like!”

Email before Friday, July 19 to apply but get in touch as soon as possible as they are casting now

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