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Our Authors: Book for boys teaches alphabet, numbers – Journal Times

Our Authors: Book for boys teaches alphabet, numbers


Name: Tom McLaughlin

Current town/city of residence: Burlington

Connection to Racine County: Lived in Racine County for nearly 25 years

Occupation: Advertising, public relations, marketing executive. Launching second career.

Title of book and publisher: “ABCs and 123s for Boys,” published by McLaughlin Media Group, LLC.

Synopsis of book (plot): Alex the alligator (who’s an amazing astronaut) to Zack the zebra (who ziplines over the zoo) help kids learn the ABCs, letter sounds and counting to 10. Each letter features a different boy’s name. Jump aboard with Pete the Pirate and 25 lovable characters that bounce, waterski and zipline across the alphabet. Parents can personalize the story with their child’s name at the end of the book. It’s 48 pages of fun and engaging learning for ages 6 and younger.

Is this your first book? Yes, this is the first of a series. Next is “ABCs and 123s for Girls.” A fun ABCs coloring book and wall poster — using the characters from the book — will also be available soon.

Why did you write the book? When I was a boy, my dad would put me and my brothers into bed and read to us. And later, it was my turn to tuck two boys into bed. For nearly 10 years, I pulled the covers up to their chins, turned the lights down low and invented a story or read a story until they nodded off.

There’s something magical about storytime with children. Describing far-away lands, adventures and daring heroes stirs their imagination. When you see the spark in your children’s eyes and hear, “Read it again!” you’ve connected. I want to create storytime memories that help children laugh and learn.

How long did it take you to write the book? I began this self-publishing journey about a year ago. Writing was the easy part. Working with an artist to create 40-plus pages of illustrations took nearly six months. (Although I understand some illustrators require more than a year.) Then I worked with editors and graphic designers to bring the finished book to life. Next up, “ABCs and 123s for Girls” and “Pete the Pirate” will be much faster.

How did you get interested in writing? I studied writing and advertising at Ball State University. Since then, I’ve been writing for years. I’ve creating advertising for products ranging from toys and ice cream to Case construction equipment. I also worked for a book publishing company in Lake Geneva. There, I promoted New York Times best-selling books, authors and illustrators. It’s a contagious bug.

Where is the book available for purchase? Yes, at, barnes& and it can be ordered at local bookstores.

Is the book available at the library? Yes, if you ask your librarian to order it.

Website page readers can visit for more information:

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