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This kids’ writing workbook is the 2nd best-selling book on Amazon –

The “My First Learn to Write Workbook,” a writing-skills activity book for kids age 3 – 5, is exceptional for two important reasons.

First, it’s the second best selling book on Amazon right now, beating out Alex Trebek’s memoir “The Answer Is…” and Robin DiAngelo’s timely analysis “White Fragility,” and losing the top spot to the smash-hit Trump polemic “Too Much and Never Enough.”

Second, it has one of the most purely positive review scores you can have on Amazon, with nearly 5,500 reviews — 86% of which are 5 Stars.

My First Learn to Write Workbook: Practice for Kids with Pen Control –


Right now, People across the country are facing difficult questions about preparing their kids to attend schools during a pandemic or researching the daunting possibility that they will be homeschooling their children. This book is not a solution for either of those problems, but it is a useful tool for preparing pre-school aged children for their time in the classroom — or at very least, provides a glimpse for parents who might wonder what their kids are like when they have a book cracked open in front of them.

“My First Learn to Write Workbook” is 80 full pages of activities, illustrations, and exercises for developing writing muscles and fine motor skills.

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