TIP OF THE WEEK: Teaching kids to be eco-friendly is a game-changer – OrilliaMatters

Goal should be to ‘inspire each other to continue raising amazing children that love the environment and want to protect it’

By: OrilliaMatters Staff

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We are seeing more and more publications that remind readers that we should be doing our best to live more sustainable lives — lives that consider our personal and family impacts on our environment.

Another publication, alive, in its August 2020 issue also provided a number of suggestions for individuals and families to become more eco-friendly. Writer Leah Payne, in an article entitled “Growing up Green” (a great title!), provided a list of tips to help parents ensure “eco-friendly kids.” (Please see the article for additional information in addition to the wonderful list.)

The following is her list of suggestions:

  • Use cloth diapers
  • Pack litter-less lunches
  • Walk, bike, or take public transit when possible
  • Take children with you to bulk or refill stores
  • Cook and bake from scratch with your kids
  • Get the kids involved in recycling and composting
  • Visit farms and farmers’ markets to shop for local, seasonal foods
  • Bring on-the-go reusables: cutlery, napkins, travel mugs, water bottles (or sippy cups) and a soapy cloth in a wet-dry bag
  • Repair clothing, and teach children how to mend
  • Utilize your local library
  • Organize a neighbourhood clothing, book, or toy swap
  • Shop second-hand
  • Get outside into nature as often as you can
  • Donate to environmental organizations and discuss this with your children
  • Make DIY products with your kids (lip balm, bath bombs, or playdough)
  • Forgo the party balloons and opt for low-waste goodie bags for birthdays and other celebrations
  • Encourage non-material and experiential gifts

The author quotes one parent who recommends, “Find parents and friends who have similar values as you. It makes it easier, and you can inspire each other to continue raising amazing children that love the environment and want to protect it.”

Now that’s a goal that will lead to a future world that all children will enjoy living in.