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Veteran Book Publicist Fauzia Burke Reveals Her Secret Online Marketing System Used by Bestselling Authors – Benzinga

DENVER, July 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Fauzia Burke, founder and president of FSB Associates, has used her proprietary marketing system to create online awareness for dozens of bestselling authors and their books.

She is the guest this week on a special extended edition of Monday Morning Radio, the popular business-to-business podcast hosted by award-winning journalist Dean Rotbart. The program is available for free from the iTunes store at and

Among authors whose novels have been represented by FSB are Daniel Silva, Dean Koontz, Jeffrey Archer, Richard North Patterson, and Tom Clancy.

Non-fiction authors whose books have been promoted by FSB Associates include: S.C. Gwynne, Barbara Ehrenreich, Doug Stanton, Ken Blanchard, Brian Tracy, Lindsay Pedersen, Skip Prichard, Alan Alda, Arianna Huffington, and Tom Brokaw.

“Who wants to pour their heart and soul into a book, only to see it make a beeline for the remainder shelves of their local booksellers?” asks Rotbart. “Fauzia and FSB harness the power and connectivity of the internet to engage readers and, frankly, sell a lot more books.”

Whether listeners are authors, publishers, or would-be authors, Rotbart says they will profit from hearing how FSB Associates has orchestrated more than 2,000 successful book publicity campaigns since its founding in 1995.

Burke, herself, is the author of “Online Marketing for Busy Authors,” and the co-founder, with her husband John Burke, of, an easy-to-use website builder designed specifically for books and authors that supports social media, author tours, blogging, online bookseller links, and e-commerce.

Both Fauzia and John Burke have extensive experience in the book publishing industry, including stints at John Wiley & Sons, Springer-Verlag, Henry Holt (Fauzia) and McGraw-Hill (John). FSB concentrates on three core areas: book publicity, author websites, and consulting.

Rotbart, who over the years has interviewed many authors represented by FSB Associates, says that, refreshingly, in his conversation with Fauzia, she provides unflinchingly honest answers to his questions: including whether most authors can make money writing books, and how sales of celebrity books fare compared to sales of high-quality books from lesser-known authors.

“If you’re thinking about writing a book, but haven’t yet, Fauzia spells out the market exactly how it is, not how so many people fantasize it to be,” Rotbart says. “Nonetheless, after speaking with her, I am encouraged about the opportunities for first-time authors as the entire publishing industry adapts to new marketplace realities.”

Monday Morning Radio, now in its eighth season, features some of the country’s most innovative business owners and experts. The program is produced in cooperation with the nonprofit Wizard Academy, an Austin-Texas based school for imaginative, courageous, and ambitious entrepreneurs.

Recent guests include:

  • Bobby Herrera, founder of Populus Group, and author of “The Gift of Struggle”
  • Marketing legends Ryan Deiss, The Digital Marketer, and Roy H. Williams, The Wizard of Ads
  • Joanne Lipman, former editor-in-chief of USA Today, and author of “That’s What She Said”
  • Maxwell Cohen, the successful young entrepreneur behind Peelaways disposable bed sheets
  • Matt Mason, recently appointed Nebraska’s official state poet

Rotbart, host and executive producer of the Monday Morning Radio, is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated former reporter and columnist with The Wall Street Journal, and co-founder of business-to-business publisher, TJFR Group, Inc.  He also serves as an advisor to All Kids Bike®, a nationwide non-profit movement to provide free bikes and training guides to kindergarten students through the country.

Entrepreneurs, authors, and experts who wish to be a guest on Monday Morning Radio are invited to reach Rotbart by email (visit for contact information). There is no fee associated with appearing on the podcast.

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