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Every now and then The Transformed Wife Lori Alexander comes up with a list of the forbidden. Many times it is ranting about other women’s clothing choices, like the time she threatened to get a paddle and spank all the women around her husband Ken wearing thong bikini bottoms. Note to Lori: Do not come to Costa Rica because you will die of shock. The thong wearers are everywhere. Unlike Lori I do not care most of the time that someone is wearing them. Sometimes it’s in places that aren’t entirely appropriate, like the grocery store, or even worse, the doctors office. I have seen them shift to the point where people are sitting in the waiting room pressing unmentionable parts against those plastic chairs. I only care for hygienes sake, for the same reason I dislike seeing people with bare feet traipsing about on the medical clinic floor. I have seen blood, pus and vomit on that same floor.

But Lori isn’t upset with thongs for a change. She asks her vast echo chamber/chat room what things that your parents allowed that you would never allow. It’s the typical fear mongering list that slowly morphs into what your parents did wrong. She talks about how her mother watched soap operas, but she stopped because they were too trashy. Also many movies and television is forbidden for reasons of glorifying sin. I am surprised we’re not seeing another claim of ‘The Bachelor’ being porn.

Some of these reasonings are valid, some are just silly. Many are very fear monger-y.

“There won’t be sleepovers. We won’t drink alcohol around our children. We will never cuss, will never push college on her children, and have limited screen time.”

Limited screen time, no cursing and drinking about the kids isn’t too bad. But the idea of no college and no sleepovers is slightly insane. I know QF hates the idea of play dates, childrens parties, children’s church and sleep overs because they mistakenly believe that the kids will be molested in those places. You’re more likely to have that happen at church that any group of giggling 12 year olds.

“I won’t let them play outside all day unsupervised without knowing where they are or what they are doing.”

Sadly this is one of those rules that likely show be followed. Way back when I was young in the stone ages almost everyone was outside, playing, playing with other kids, exploring, riding bikes, you name it and we all lived. I’d leave home after breakfast and only return to eat. We now live in a society that isn’t safe enough to do this. Too bad because those of us raised that way were able to develop skills on our own without our parents hovering over us.

Most of the other answers are repeats of the no college and no sleepovers with a few other common sense things thrown in like no lying, or getting drunk in front of the kids, or having fights.

The we move into serious parent bashing territory. Lori asked what her readers did differently, didn’t ask for a recount of the wrongs. Lori chose to publish it anyway.

“My mom allowed us to watch almost anything on TV and movies. She banned very few (the Goonies being one of those) but Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman was totally fine �. My mom also allowed us to disrespect each other, therefore,disrespecting her eventually. And that’s putting it politely. I was more of an observer. I did not want to be like my sisters.”

Allowed disrespect? What is that all about? I’m not sure I’d let young children watch either of those movies either.

“They let me ‘choose to explore my own faith.’ I also had unrestricted access to TV and internet (when it came out). I didn’t have any household chores and that was really hard to overcome as an adult. We lived on a farm so I wasn’t lazy but I was certainly sloppy. We never went to church and God was something I was left to discover on my own.”

Yeah, blame mom and dad for raising you a semi-atheist way without explaining what it was the parents believed, or if being it is a farm there wasn’t time to go to church.

TV seems to be a portal to hell in all these households. Funny how people not extremely religious seem to have no problem turning off the boob tube.

What rules do you do differently than your parents? I only say positive things to my offspring as they were being raised and did not spank. I talked to my kids, reasoned with them, appealed to their own sense of justice and fairness. I didn’t hide in my bedroom with a book and a pack of bon-bons, and I answered their many questions. There weren’t too many rules.

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