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Cybersecurity is one of the daily topics people encounter in the media more than any time before. The most obnoxious scandals in politics and public life of famous people took place exactly due to cybersecurity leaks. Hackers and web-criminals get more inventive every day because they learn about leaks and bottlenecks of the digital security walls corporations are trying to fortify to defend user and corporate data.

The basic cybersecurity threat list already looks quite complicated in 2020 for people not familiar with digital protection and its present state. Today, we’re sharing with you the 10 best cyber security books that should bridge the gap of the state of digital security.

Mary Aiken’s ‘The Cyber Effect’

This security book is based on the revelations of the forensic cyber-psychologist who analyzes how cyberspace is changing the way people feel and interact with the world. Cyberpsychology already studies the patterns of human interaction with digital systems from the perspective of secure behavior and a chance to be tricked when being not attentive. In her book, Aiken talks about the mental processes that stand behind making decisions when interacting with technologies. Generally, the author answers the question whether there is a private space anymore in the world stringed with technologies all over the place.

Christopher Hadnagy’s ‘Social Engineering’

When an essay writer decides to write about infamous digital nomads like Kevin Mitnick, the first question that comes to mind is how could those hackers achieve the groundbreaking hijacking of the million-worth firewalls. The book depicts the life of hackers who became heroes of the first newspaper columns. History of cybersecurity has never seen such frank storytelling about the flaws of human psychology in the digital age. If you want to know what are the strings used by hackers to find out your weak spots, then ‘Social Engineering’ is your encyclopedia into a hacker’s mind.

Kevin Mitnick and His ‘Ghost In The Wires’

We already mentioned Kevin in this article, and it seems for the reason of being the top-notch hacker who received global popularity for coming out of the web shadows and telling the truth about hacking. In this book, Mitnick talks about his notorious journey of hijacking the systems of such companies like Pacific Bell and Motorola. Yes, this book is mostly a memoir, not a deep-dive into the complex terms of cybersecurity. However, the value of this piece of literature is in being a doorway into a hacker’s mind. You’ll know how the life of a hacker looks like, with the FBI being on the doorstep while enjoying the victory of breaking into the walls of multimillion security systems.

Sandworm by Andy Greenberg

Greendberg’s book is about releasing the series of malware attacks on the western infrastructure by Russian military cyber unit. The book reviews the series of cyberattacks that have been taking place since 2014 ongoingly. Everyone who is going to read the book will realize the power of cyber viruses that could paralyze the infrastructure and economy of the whole country like it happened in Ukraine in 2017. When the state starts sponsoring hacking, the idea of futuristic cyber war becomes the reality of today. Greenberg created an intriguing book that lifts the curtain of the matter of international cybersecurity for regular readers.

Kim Zetter’s ‘Countdown to Zero Day’

The book tells the story of the malware called Stuxnet. Initially, Stuxnet struck Iranian nuclear facilities in 2010 causing severe damage to physical equipment that managed nuclear missiles. If you want to know more about the escalation that happened between the US and Iran regarding their nuclear program, this book tells a lot about the backstage of the conflict most people do not know about. Zetter had done a tremendous job in researching the origins of Stuxnet that later became a top-notch digital weapon inspiring other malware developers to go even further.

‘Hack-Proof Your Life Now! The New Cybersecurity Rules’

The authors of ‘Savvy Cybersecurity’ Devin Kropp and Sean Bailey wanted to improve their previous book by releasing this one. The book has received the status of one of the clearest guides to personal cybersecurity. Kropp and Bailey give hefty advice on making your digital space secure from occasional hacking attacks. If you’ve ever been interested in how things like mindfulness techniques work during the interaction with digital mediums, this book will be a discovery for you.

Augenbaum’s ‘The Secret to Cybersecurity’

In his book, Scott Augenbaum successfully proves everything and everyone in one’s life must be protected in digital space. The author analyzes how far people appear from having a basic knowledge about cybersecurity. However, solutions are there in the book, all you have to do is watch around to see how many fraudsters target people like you every day. The author shares his personal experiences with a healthy dose of humor to talk about that.

‘Tribe of Hackers: Cybersecurity Advice from the Best Hackers in the World’

This hacking book is essentially a set of face-to-face interviews with the most popular hackers in the world today. The authors Jennifer Jin and Marcus Carey created 14 questions starting from broad subjects and moving to the very specific questions about hacking. Afterwards, they had 70 interviews with hackers and infosec professionals to create the mix of viewpoints on cybersecurity problems and solutions. This book impresses readers with different backgrounds that all interviewees had before jumping into the sphere of cybersecurity.

Brian Craig and His ‘Cyberlaw: The Law of the Internet and Information Technology’

Cyberlaw is the book about the legal procedures and precedents that exist around the Internet now. Brian Craig was once a legal analyst at Wolters Kluwer providing his precise expertise on laws and standards of cybersecurity people should be concerned about. The book shows how law defeats the caveats of being applied to the problems that arise in the Internet.

Buchanan’s ‘The Cybersecurity Dilemma: Hacking, Trust and Fear Between Nations’

The issue discussed in this book relates to conflicts between nations when setting up the cybersecurity procedures. The author talks about the benefits of the countries that were breached in showing the imperfection of their security systems. If you’re interested in the dilemmas countries are having when dealing with cybersecurity management, this book must be on your shelf right today.

Final Thoughts

Here you go with our top of the must-read cybersecurity books you shouldn’t miss. The books mentioned here are the highly-acclaimed cybersecurity bestsellers, so you should pay attention to them when diving into the topic. We recommend starting with books like ‘Ghost in The Wires’ and ‘Hack-Proof Your Life Now! The New Cybersecurity Rules’ as it is the best material for novices who want to get the general sneak peek into the hacking game and know how to defend themselves from being attacked online.

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