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The ‘New Normal’ Digital Strategy Will Be Permanent—and Imperative—Post-Pandemic | Legaltech News –

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The race for an approved COVID-19 vaccine continues to engross the world, and while there’s no debate about the ultimate distribution of medicine providing a return to a more recognizable society, the way in which businesses operate, especially law firms, have been forever altered. As a matter of fact, effort by any law firm seeking to return to a pre-pandemic operation would not only be met with resistance, it would be detrimental to success looking ahead to 2021 and beyond.

Prior to COVID-19, the legal industry, and law firms in general, was able to choose the level in which it embraced technological change. In fact, many would argue that the field itself has been notoriously slow to do so. Despite this, as the novel coronavirus infiltrated our economy, law firms were left with no choice but to re-evaluate and change the manner in which they practice law, conduct business and implement digital strategy.